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The fastest paved short track racing in the world. 800+ horsepower, alcohol burning offset to the left big block motors, giant wings mounted atop for downforce, massive Hoosier racing tires, weighing less than 2000 lbs and reaching speeds up to 160 mph on mile oval tracks.

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The 2001 Hoosier Tire Int'l Supermodified
Final Top 10

POS. CAR DRIVER                  POINTS
1.   94  Dave McKnight Jr.        1304
2.   75  Lou Cicconi              1214
3.   26  Joe Gosek                1207
4.   11  Chris perley             1185
5.   29  Russ Wood                1180
6.   66  Joey Payne Jr.           1159
7.   32  Ken Bell                 1142
8.   84  Lichty/Coniam/Saunier    1092
9.   97  Howie Lane               1068
10.  27  Jamie Timmons            1019
Feature Wins-#94 Dave McKnight Jr.(6)-#75 Lou Cicconi(2)-
#26 Joe Gosek(2)-#61 Mike Ordway(2)-#29 Russ Wood(2)-
#11 Chris Perley(1)-#66 Joey payne(1)

Click above for schedule.

Click the video camera to see my video shots of the Jim Shampine Memorial Isma 50 at Oswego Speedway on May 27th 2000.

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